A question to ponder…

A question to ponderLife is full of questions. Some questions are life changing and others are trivial.

Some of the questions are just passing curiosities that we ponder once and never return to.  And then there are those questions that we ask ourselves that can provide the theme for the future and how we choose to live.

Let’s say you ask yourself this: is there one simple change I can make that will positively influence my health?

There isn’t any tip-toeing quietly toward the answer to that question. Some will jump at the answer and say oh yes just do this or ….. oh for sure it’s that.

When it comes life choices that affect our health, we can’t avoid finding just the right answer that meets our individual needs.  Some people think if they take this special vitamin it adds a layer of protection to their overall health. But does it?

It doesn’t matter how many layers of protection there are or how big of a protective pyramid we build, the answer always lands at the tip of the spear and that is…. how we choose to live.

So here’s a point to ponder: what one simple change per month can you make for the next 12 months that will make a big difference in your health?

That’s it from me for today. Thanks for inviting me into your day. Oh, and if you are interested in my recipe of the week….click here.





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