Sushi Balls!

Good morning my friend,

My, my what a week of celebrating it has been!  First, the celebrations began with fantastic spring-like weather…OK so it rained a little here and there but boy Spring certainly is in the air in Litchfield County, CT!  My grass is green, the mosses on the rock walls are amazingly green and I have lots of green buds on many of my plants!  Well, since it was St. Patrick’s Day week I guess things should be green.

It was also my birthday so I celebrated with lots of green food.  We went to Lucia Ristorante, one of my favorite little restaurants in our town.  Here’s a photo of my main course…Shrimp and Scallops Roberto.  It was delicious but so rich I could only eat half.

Then sticking to the tradition of green on St. Patrick’s day I did have their signature dessert…a pistachio cake.  It was heavenly…

Though I love to cook, I adore going out to dinner.  I love being waited on and all the aromas of the different foods.  As a foodie going out to dinner at a really good restaurant is a true gift.

I also made a really fun meal one night this week.  Sushi Balls! I love sushi but I know that I do not have enough “Zen” in my personality to make sushi.  So I saw a recipe for Sushi Balls and decided to make a version of my own. Click here for the recipe.

That’s it for today.  If you try the sushi balls let me know what you think!Sushi Balls

Thank you so much for inviting me into your day.

Until next week,



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