Are you trying to fit in a diet or exercise box?

I started helping women get fit and lose weight in 1979.  That’s when I was first hired as a fitness and group exercise instructor.  Over the many years that I have been helping women, I have seen lots of rigid fitness and weight loss trends come and go.

Frequently I saw women try to fit in a structured box that wasn’t quite right for them.  They would lose weight and improve their fitness levels only to “go back” to their old lifestyle, never integrating what they learned.

Trying to live life according to some rigid weight loss or fitness program just doesn’t work.  It only creates frustration and self-doubt because no one person is the same.  No one person fits in someone else’s box.

That’s why I created Healthy Methods.  Just the name Healthy Methods symbolizes a process.  A process to find that “feel great” place in life.

When I work with someone as a fitness coach I create personalized workout programs that can be done in the privacy of their own home.  We discover just the right exercises to feel energized not tired.  I design workout programs that will help develop or keep lean muscles and feel fit so my clients will want to stay active for decades.

As a nutrition coach, I help my clients create a pleasurable journey toward healthful eating.  One that is designed to fit their lifestyle, provides education and support to create a way of eating and thinking that helps them thrive.

My clients fall in love with feeling healthy, become more confident, powerful and in charge.

Instead of trying to fit in the box of specific “diet” program or exercise class, why not find a way to make eating healthfully and exercising assimilate into your life.

If you would like to learn more about my coaching programs, fill out the contact form below or contact me here.  I’ve helped thousands of women take back their power and change their life.

Sending healthy vibes,


Patti Garland



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