Metabolism Revving Power Breakfast

I am often asked “where do you get your energy and what did you eat for breakfast?”  Well…I do have a high level of energy and I believe it is because I start everyday with my version of a metabolism revving power breakfast.  Let me share.

I start with a good detox and metabolic activator by giving my body the gift of a good night’s sleep. Now sleep does not come easily to me, so this is a big deal for me.

First let’s talk about why a good night’s sleep is part of your morning energy boost. As we sleep our body shifts its focus to one of detoxification and repair.  The period between dinner and breakfast is evolution’s built in fasting mechanism and it allows our liver and other organs to detoxify while we sleep.  Getting a good night’s sleep is also a metabolic activator.  So, I honor my body with sleep and I practice good sleep hygiene so my body doesn’t pay the price.

Then instead of shocking my body into a stress mode of flight or fight by waking up to the shrill obnoxious sound of an alarm clock, I have a very routinized pattern of going to bed by a certain time and my body automatically wakes up at a certain time. Like a well-trained dog….my body loves its routine.  As a result, on most days I wake up ready to embrace the day!

After that I rev my metabolism by starting my day with the power of….are you ready…relaxation and time! You might be thinking…”what you just relaxed for 8 hours?”  But really my body was working hard detoxifying, repairing and activating my metabolism as I slept.

My form of relaxation and time in the morning is to get up early enough to share a cup of warm water, then coffee with my husband. It’s great…we SIT and talk!  We sit for at least a half an hour each morning…just hubby, the dog and me.  It is awesome!  And we each start our day feeling listened to, connected and loved.

My next power breakfast tip is to eat a super healthy breakfast. I believe in the metabolic power of choosing quality food as fuel.  If I could give you one simple strategy that may well give you the biggest bang for your metabolic buck, one that will help you have more energy, be more healthy and maybe even lose some weight,  it is to eat a high quality nutritious breakfast.

Lastly, I rev my metabolism and boost my energy with the power of eating breakfast while SITTING DOWN, eating slowly and enjoying my food for absolute pleasure. I love good, healthy food and I love to chew each mouthful 20-30 times.  After each mouthful I put my utensils down and savor the pleasure of creating explosions of flavor as I chew my food slowly.

So that’s my metabolism revving power breakfast.  I hope you try one or two of these tips.  If you do let me know how it works out.

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Ta, ta for now,


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