Fascia Blasting for Cellulite – My Results after Six Months

Yes I have cellulite.  I never really cared but when I brought the fascia blaster into my wellness practice to help with pain management, range of motion, and muscle soreness, I thought I would see how this thing works on my cellulite.

If your fascia isn’t functioning properly, it can create all types of problems.   Take a look at this two-minute video on what fascia is and how it creates distortions.

I am thrilled with the results from my consistent fascia blasting.

I fascia blast a few times a week, to various muscle groups, mostly for pain management and muscle recovery.  These are short, brisk treatments that last just 1-3 minutes.  I give myself a full body fascia blasting treatment once a week.

Here are my results:

After one face, neck, head and shoulder five-minute session, my six-day headache was totally gone.  Now I fascia blast this area, for just 1-2 minutes a few times a week and hardly ever have headaches.

After just a few minutes of fascia blasting my feet, they were pain free (arthritis from teaching aerobic dance classes on cement floors in the 1980’s).  They too get fascia blasted a few times a week now.

After fascia blasting my shoulders, arms and hands regularly the tension is completely gone and so are the recurring symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

My post-workout muscles are never sore because they get blasted regularly and I hardly have any aches and pains.

And, after six-months of making fascia blasting part of my regular self-care, my skin looks vibrant and healthy and YES, my cellulite is noticeably lessened.

I am beyond pleased with this amazing tool both personally and professionally.

When a client comes to me for fascia blasting treatments, my I first objective is to help her reach her goal. Then I want to empower her to make fascia blasting part of her regular self-care because we all deserve to live in a healthy, pain-free body.

If you live in the Litchfield County area and would like to give fascia blasting treatments a try, I would love to talk to you about how I can help.  The results are real.