One Pan Meals, Cocktails and Restrictions

What if I were to tell you that you can have chocolate or a cocktail and still lose weight?

Well I am telling you just that.

I am a major fan of eating lots of different types of foods, and as anyone who has shared a meal with me will tell you, I also enjoy a casual cocktail.  My philosophy is life is to be lived, fun is to be had and it can all be done while staying healthy.

The concept that you must restrict yourself to lose weight is nonsense.  It will only stress you out and send you right back to the cookies.  Restriction leads to anxiety, rebellion and weight gain.

Instead I would like to encourage you to release those restrictive beliefs by adding in some fun, pleasure and delicious, nutrient dense foods.

That’s why this one pan meal bok choy recipe, that you can see by clicking here, caught my eye.

I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned and the food channel was on.  To me that was the perfect way for my dental hygienist to add pleasure to a cleaning because I love the food channel.  It inspires me to take what I see and recreate it to be just a little healthier.  So I did just that with the bok choy meal.  It can be made in 30 minutes and can be made with meat or vegan.  Bok choy is so much fun to cook with, it is delicious and very nutritious.

Meals like this will help you understand that you do not have to sacrifice tasty food to be healthy and lose weight.  And if you double the recipe you will have plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.

I would like to inspire you to stop repeating the very patterns that cause over-eating, binging and self-hate.  If you need some support doing that, let’s talk about coaching.  Because it is possible to lose weight while having fun, drinking an occasional cocktail and eating chocolate.

That is it for today.  Let me know if you try this recipe.  Hope you have a sparkling day.




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