Sometimes I get so angry listening to all the weight loss hoopla.

It is such crap.

→Drink this super shake and lose 8 pounds in eight days.

→Use this weight loss value pack and cleanse for life.

→Fast intermittently and lose 30 pounds.

→Eat your food from these portion control containers and get slim for summer.

I admit I have considered many of these.  But the same questions would always come up…

What if I am invited to someone’s home for dinner? Am I going to bring all my own food in those little containers?

Hasn’t science proven that our metabolism slows down when we fast?

What if I like to chew my food…..not drink it?

If the program really works, why did the coach gain the weight back only to repeat the program again?

That is why I get angry when I see all this rubbish.  I think it ruins the integrity of the industry.

Look, if you are considering some weight loss program that promises a quick fix, promotes “magic” foods or combinations of foods, I suggest you get clear on why you want to do it and what will happen after you have used someone else’s idea of how and what you should eat.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have two choices.

You can stay in your comfort zone, go on weight loss program after program and continue to lose and gain weight repeatedly.


You can get the help you need to understand the compelling reason that is really holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off.

You see, once you know what is really holding you back, you can learn how to use that to your advantage and eat regular food without a struggle.

Pew.  Thanks for letting me rant!  As a parting gift for listening, click here for a few tips on mindful eating that you can print out and refer to.

Ta, ta for today,


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