The roller coaster………

Life is good…….

You made the decision, bought the shakes, cut up the veggies and prepared the food to follow a new plan.


You get up in the morning, drink your shake for breakfast, do your 10-minute full body fat burning workout and feel on top of the world.

You drive to work singing to the radio.  Lunchtime comes around and you have another shake (it is soooooo easy).  Then you go for a 45-minute walk with a co-worker.  You are over the moon happy.

You come home from work and have an energy bar.  You get some laundry done, run the vacuum and make dinner.  When it comes time for dinner you measure out your portions and the hubs and kids get the rest.  You’re thinking “I can do this”.

Next day, you get up and drink your shake for breakfast and do the 10-minute ab blast workout.  You get to work, and someone brings in bagels and cream cheese.

Panic sets in.  You begin to question yourself.  You have half of a bagel and skip the cream cheese.

You begin to think….”can I really do this”?

Lunchtime comes around.  You are sitting at your desk drinking your shake and munching on your measured-out veggies.  Your friend who you normally walk with called in sick, so you don’t walk.  Instead you go on Pinterest and look for low calorie recipes, then go over to Instagram and start comparing yourself to all the perfect looking women in the photos.  You start berating yourself thinking you aren’t good enough.

Next morning you drink your shake for breakfast as you watch your family eat waffles and your stomach growls.  You get “hangry” and skip the 10-minute butt lift workout.

You get to work in a cranky mood, walk into the break room and this time it is donuts!  You say “SH**” and take a donut.  You eat it fast hoping no one sees you.

Your mood throughout the day continues to get sour and you begin to ask yourself:

What am I doing wrong?

Why can’t I stick to this?

How do those women on Instagram do it?

Here’s the deal.  If those women you are comparing yourself to really can “do it”, it is because they have the answers to some important questions.

I work with women to teach them how to use those answers to help them reclaim their life and get off the damn roller coaster.

Until you really know what’s holding you back from feeling comfortable in your body, you will always ride that roller coaster.

When you are ready to learn how you can reclaim your life and feel at home in your body, let’s set up a discovery session.

Let’s find out what’s holding you back and how to shift things around to get the results you want now…….