The Power of Pleasure and Holiday Recipes

Our Memorial Day holiday is right around the corner.   Memorial Day is a day where those who died in active military service are remembered and honored.  And with the holiday comes commemorative parades, picnics, barbecues and activities that give us pleasure.

I’m particularly excited because I am having company for the entire holiday weekend.  That means I can cook for the people I love.  For me cooking is a form of nurturing and it gives me pleasure to nurture those I love.

Unfortunately, everyone is usually so busy during holidays that all they feel is stress.

What if you slowed down a bit?  What if you felt happiness, delight and joy instead of the pressure of busy, busy, busy.

The feelings associated with pleasure divulge their deepest secrets when we slow down and allow life to bring us back into the moment.  We need pleasure the way we need vitamins from healthy food.  When we slow down and pay attention to what really gives us pleasure, we feel peaceful, joyous and content.

So, my health tip for this weekend is to simply slow down and allow yourself to get a big dose of pleasure.

One of ways I hope to indulge my guests is to serve a delicious vegan ranch dressing and veggie platter.  To download the recipe  you can go to my website recipe page.

Most store-bought dressings are full of unpronounceable ingredients that scare me, so I just make my own.  I like to have control over what I put into my body.

That’s if for today.  Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday weekend.

Ta, ta,

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