The Buffet

Here’s today’s scenario….

I’m going to an all-day holiday business function.

According to the agenda, the morning will start with a continental breakfast and networking.  Then there will be a morning break snacks served, a buffet lunch and afternoon break with coffee and cookies.

I find catered events to be a fun challenge because I never know what food will be served and if the food will serve my needs.

As I was driving to my function, I set an intention for myself to maintain my healthy lifestyle goals and to keep my promises to myself.  I remind myself how certain foods make me feel energetic and other foods make me feel good for the moment that I eat them, but I usually feel crappy after.

I’m feeling on top of my game.

I arrive at the function and skip the breakfast buffet of donuts and bagels.  It was easy todo because I had my power smoothie before I left.

I grab a cup of coffee and start networking with other women.

The function begins, and I go find my seat with my friends.

Now comes the morning break.  Ut oh.  I walk out, and they have mini pastries, fruit, protein bars, juice, soda and coffee.

I ask myself….am I really hungry?

I decide I’m not hungry, but I want to take a look at the protein bars.  I pick one up and read the tiny ingredients list.  Yup, just as I expected, sugar is the second ingredient.  I smile to myself and put it back because I know if I start down the sugar trail I will pay the price by feeling lousy as soon as the sugar boost wears off.  I put the protein bar down and go talk with a few women.

This is where I check in with how I am feeling and what thoughts are going through my head.  So far, I’m feeling confident and happy with myself.  I give myself a mental pat on the back for making good decisions around all that sugar.

Side note:  Giving yourself credit for good decisions throughout the day is a very important tip.  The more credit you give yourself for making good decisions, the less chance Negative Nellie, who lives rent free in your head, can sabotage you.

Finally, it is time for lunch.  I’m hungry.  My morning smoothie has certainly metabolized.  I’m looking forward to eating.

I get to the buffet table and there is an abundance of food.

There are warm croissant sandwiches with ham and melted brie, pasta salad, rolls and cold meats, salad, roasted potatoes, baked rigatoni and meatballs.

I take a second to tune into my feelings and there’s Negative Nellie saying……”oh come on, it’s OK just for today, don’t deprive yourself.  It’s not fair.  Look at all these other women.  They’re eating whatever they want.”

I take a breath and say to Nellie…”get lost bitch.”

I think to myself I am not going to give into those vandalizing thoughts (aka – Negative Nellie).  I’m going to build up my resistance muscle and modify things here a bit.

I decide to do the best I can.  I fill my plate with salad, a few potatoes and a few meatballs.  I’m thinking, “I’m thinking, this should give me what I need so I don’t fall asleep in the afternoon session.”

Now I’m walking down the buffet table and come upon the desserts.

OMG! There are cannoli’s, eclairs and tiramisu!  CRAP!  I quickly remind myself why I’m not going to have any.  Here’s what I say to myself:

“I am so happy I have all that food on my plate because I know how good I feel when I eat good food.  And, those meatballs look delicious.  If I have that tiramisu, I will give myself a total sugar overload.  I’ll won’t feel great after, I might end up in the bathroom which is embarrassing, and I’ll berate myself all night.”

I go sit down with my friends, smile when they make comments about my healthy food choices and give myself credit for walking my talk.

Learning to assess a situation and choose an appropriate action is a vital tool to help initiate the change.

For change to happen you need to be very sure of why the change is important to you and remind yourself of that WHY repeatedly until it becomes part of your DNA.

Your desire to change must be stronger than Negative Nellie and your fear of failure.  Your desire has to trump every other reason your sabotaging self (Negative Nellie) can throw at you.

It is not just a matter of motivation.  It is a thought process of turning those negative thoughts around.

Remember, you have choices……either strengthen your fears or strengthen your resolve.

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That’s it for today….  Stay tuned.  Next week I’ll present a new challenge and the action that can be taken to create a positive outcome.