The Weekend Gathering

The Weekend Gathering








Every year my family gathers for a weekend.  We cook together, eat, play cards, talk, go for walks, and gather as a family to create great memories.

Last weekend was my family gathering and I’ll quickly outline how I stayed true to my healthy lifestyle goals.  I hope you pick up on a pattern.

Let me share again the four steps I live by when I know I’m going into a situation that might elicit Negative Nellie’s nagging opinions.

One:  I set an intention or a goal for the outcome I want.  My intentions for the weekend were to remain true to my lifestyle goals of eating whole food, to be in the “moment”, and to feel good about my decisions.

Two:  To stay mindful of my thoughts.  To be aware of when Negative Nellie starts trying to keep old habits alive and to pave right over her with new positive neural pathways.

Three:  I give myself credit often.  Not ever easy.

Four:  Take action to change old behaviors

Since I wanted as much control over my food as possible, I sent a suggested menu for our main meals to the family for their input and approval prior to our arrival.  That way I would know what to expect and how to plan for my own needs.

Once we arrived in the town where we were staying, we had to grocery shop for the meals.  So I made sure I had eaten lunch before I stepped foot in the grocery store.  That way I could make decisions that weren’t tainted by being hungry.

Groceries were purchased, the entire family arrived, and the festivities began.

The weekend was filled with cooking meals together, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and lots of fun.

I made sure to make a few vegetable based hors d’ oeuvres like Greek salad on a stick and the usual veggies and hummus.

Yes, there were all types of chips, cheese, crackers, and desserts but it was easy to ignore because I made sure I had whole food alternatives and I focused on what mattered most, my intention of being totally present with those I love.

Can you see the pattern of how I repeat the same 4 steps, time, after time, after time?

I am aware that old patterns and fears will always be there.  But I am also aware that it’s my choice to take action and pave new neural pathways.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  If you know anyone who might benefit from these tips, please share this email with them.  They can ask to be invited to my Facebook group where I share them live by clicking here or receive my blogs by clicking here.

That’s it for today.  I hope you join me next Monday, when I go “live at lunchtime” in my Women’s Wellness group with tips on how to handle the holiday party where there are all types of holiday cocktails and tables full of hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

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