Destructive thinking, it is seductive and can hold you hostage to losing weight and gaining it back.

Welcome to the first email in my Steps to Train Your Brain series the augments my Three Steps To Change Your Mindset E-Book!  Today I’m going to share some information on destructive thinking, how seductive it is and how it can hold us hostage.

Destructive thinking is our negative self-talk.  It is that inner dialogue that often involves disparaging thoughts about ourselves or our lives. These thoughts seduce us into destructive behavior while punishing us for indulging.

Becoming aware of this voice is an important component to lasting weight loss and is the first step to learning how to turn those thoughts around.

In the case of destructive or negative thoughts, these messages might include thoughts like:

  • you will never succeed, just eat it anyway.
  • you’ve been nothing but a failure, why try again;
  • why bother, you’re always going to be fat;
  • have a piece of cake, you ate healthy all week;
  • or much worse……

When we give in and indulge, this inner voice transforms into the cruelest enemy, tearing us apart. The voice maliciously punishes. We begin to think “You weak-willed jerk. You said you weren’t going to eat that anymore! You’ve ruined everything. You’ll always be fat.
Once you allow yourself to become aware of these thoughts, the next step is learning to challenge those destructive thoughts so we can strengthen our true self. Most importantly, when we learn to challenge those thoughts and follow them up with action oriented thinking, we break free from the internal chains that have held us back from accomplishing long-term results.
In my next email we’ll journey toward replacing those destructive thoughts with more constructive ones and how to create action oriented thinking.  We will move toward ways to implement the simple tools that separate the 5% who slim down and keep it off, from the other 95%.

Please stay tuned and stay in touch.

Sending you a big hug,

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