Visualize Waking Up Every Day and Breakfast is Ready

Can you imagine waking up and breakfast is ready?  All you have to do is pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and you are on your way to a great day.  Wouldn’t that make your life easier?

Since all of my clients are busy women, I like to help them simplify things.  This way they can start their day with quality food that’s easy to come by.

Many of the women I work with say either “I don’t have time in the morning” or “I’m not hungry when I wake up.”

Here are a few ideas I share in my coaching sessions that make eating breakfast simple, quick and easy-peasy.

One solution is to assemble make ahead breakfasts.  I’m a fan of breakfast muffins, casseroles, puddings and porridge.

I make a great breakfast muffin recipe where two muffins equal one serving, and they are a complete meal in a tidy power-packed portion.  They are  scrumptious either warmed up or cold.

Then I also make a breakfast casserole that is crammed with good stuff.  It’s egg free, soy free and dairy free.  And then there is a pudding and a porridge that each contain all food groups and are easy to make ahead.

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Hands down make ahead breakfasts can solve the problem of not having time to eat quality food for breakfast.

BUT, what if you aren’t hungry in the morning?

If your largest meal of the day is dinner and you aren’t waking up hungry after fasting for 12+ hours, then:

You might be eating too much at dinner or you are eating too late.

For many women who struggle with their weight, it is often not caused by how much they eat but instead what and when they eat.

If your largest meal of the day is dinner and you are putting out the least amount of activity following that meal, then you are not efficiently utilizing that food as fuel.  It’s that simple.

Or you might be eating too late.  When we sleep our digestion slows down.  If you eat close to bedtime, you aren’t giving your stomach a chance to digest and process your food.  Which is why you aren’t waking up hungry.  You’ll digest your food more efficiently and sleep better if you give yourself 4+ hours between finishing dinner and going to bed.

Women always ask me if it is true that eating breakfast will help them lose weight.  Though that question is still under-researched, studies do support eating 25-30% of your daily allowance of food in the morning as a beneficial strategy for weight control.  So, if you are trying to lose weight, eat a good breakfast.

It’s easy to let breakfast fall low on our list of priorities in the morning but your body deserves better.  That’s why I’m sharing these ideas and recipes.  I hope they help.

Download Recipes Here

Sending you good vibrations,