Winning The Metabolism Game

I know so many women who are thriving after 50 while also winning the metabolism game.

Do you want to know their secret?

It’s not that complicated.  It’s basically an easy, results-oriented three step formula and today I’m going to share the first step in the mixture.

Each step can be quickly implemented.  They aren’t hard to apply and they might possibly be just the thing you need to give your body a metabolic energy boost.

Let’s start with…what is metabolism?

Simply put, metabolism is your body’s engine.  Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.  The more energy you burn (calories) the faster your metabolism.

When your metabolism is revved and working at optimum levels of performance, your mind and body feel great!  You feel sharp, focused and might even shed some unwanted pounds.

If you want to give yourself a metabolic energy boost, the first recommendation in the formula is……

…..get some exercise.

Who knows why exercise is important to winning the metabolism game?

To start with, it has a big impact on your body composition.  That is the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in your body.  Also, you burn less energy at rest and more when you are active.  So, the more active you are during the day the higher your metabolism.

However, you must find the right exercise for YOU.

If you work out too hard too often, it can have a counter effect by causing too much cortisol, which is a stress hormone that will slow down your metabolism.

If you don’t workout hard enough, you won’t build muscle that helps to rev your metabolism.

Whatever type of exercise you choose, you want one that will contribute to your having healthy, strong muscles while burning off underutilized calories.  More on underutilized calories in a minute.

If you want to influence your body composition while burning calories, your workout ought to include these components:

Flexibility – Strength-training – Endurance – Cardiovascular – Mobility

A very efficient type of workout is circuit training. It is one of my favorites.  Circuit training is a tried and true way to get all 5 components in one workout.

Getting exercise is important to boosting your metabolism because only about 60% of the energy produced from the food we consume is used to keep our body alive and its organs functioning normally.

But what about the other 40%?   These are those underutilized calories.  Meaning these are calories that aren’t burnt off and can lead to weight gain.

So why not use some of that underutilized energy for exercise?

I know some people struggle to find just the right workout.  Like I said before, it is important to find what’s right for you and what you will do consistently.

If you are struggling to find just the right workout, I have a few relatively easy to do circuit workouts on my Facebook business page or in my Facebook Women’s Wellness Group.

If you would like to chat about how Healthy Methods Wellness fitness program might help to give you the tools you need to add the exercise component to your metabolism boosting tool kit, let’s talk.  You can click here to set up a time to chat.

That’s it for today.  Recommendation number two comes next week.

Talk to you next week,