Winning the Metabolism Game – Part 3

While your metabolism won’t change overnight, implementing small, long-lasting changes have the potential to help you beat metabolism at its own game.  So here we go with part 3 and my last recommendation.

After 25+ years of helping women lose weight and live more healthfully, I have come to realize that long-term success is more of a mental endeavor than a physical one.  That’s why my last recommendation in this series is that you learn how being mindful affects your metabolism.

I’m working with a client who had tried every diet known.  She was 30 pounds overweight and had totally ruined her metabolism from restrictive dieting.

We started by developing ways for her to create healthier habits so she would never have to count another calorie or feel hungry.  We added in just a few simple lifestyle shifts that support her recovery from eating processed foods which were causing weight gain and inflammation.

She also traveled a lot so I created a workout that she could do anywhere – anytime in just a 3’ x 6’ space.

But the most important thing we are doing is helping her become more mindful of her thoughts and fears.  Every session we create action plans to challenge and manage her thoughts and fears that have been holding her back from making healthy changes.

She is doing great and is amazed that it’s not that hard.  But more importantly she is delighted that she doesn’t have to rely on disciplining herself all the time.  Being in control of her thoughts is so much more productive and positive.

Keep this in mind as I continue here.  We get good at what we practice.

If we are continuously practicing disparaging thinking about ourselves or believing in the obstacles we have created that hold us back from exercising or eating more healthfully, we will get good at thinking that way and give it power.

For example, if you are always thinking that you have a terrible sweet tooth and you can’t lose weight because of it.  You’ll believe that.

But, if you were to learn how to challenge those thoughts, you would get good at challenging them and eventually they will be replaced.

If you are continuously telling yourself that you don’t have time to exercise, you’ll believe it.

But if you were to mentally challenge what you have been telling yourself with a plan that you put into action, you would get good at that plan.

I wrote an E-book outlining just how to do this.  I’m happy to give it to you for free, just click here and I’ll send you the e-book.

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If you truly desire change, you must train your brain to disrupt old patterns of thinking or nothing will change permanently.

Once you begin to do that, you will pave new neural pathways to guide your thought patterns to support your deepest desires to live more healthfully, lose that 15 pounds and keep it off this time.

You have a choice.

Which would you rather have?  Would you rather support the thoughts that are hurting you or the thoughts that will help you?

It isn’t as hard as you think and my E-book details how to take back your power by becoming mindful of your thoughts and challenging them.

The message is quite powerful.

There is so much more to winning the metabolism game by becoming mindful.  I go in-depth on this in my virtual weight loss solutions for life coaching program.  If you would like more information on that program, just go here and set up a time to chat.

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Whether it’s winning a game of Monopoly or winning the metabolism game, it all starts with the power of your mind.

Our minds are an untapped resource.  They can make us successful or confine us to a life of misery.  What we believe we manifest.

The mind is where champions are forged.

So that’s it for today.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks so much for following along with me.