Dine Your Way To A Faster Metabolism-Part 2

So here we go with the final tips to help you set your metabolism on fire by dining out.

Tip #2 – Get your muscles tired.

Go get some strength-training exercise the day you are going out to dinner.  This way you will build muscle from strength-training which fires up your metabolic burn.  And if you want fast track your metabolic burn even more, concentrate on the larger muscle groups on the days you will be dining out.

Here’s why.  Strength-training breaks down muscle cells in a good way.  Muscle tissue responds to the workout by building more muscle cells so it can compensate for the loads being place upon them.  These new cells require energy in the form of calories.  And the beautiful thing about strength-training is the caloric burn continues for several hours as your body recovers from your workout.

Tip #3 – Dine out on whole foods

When we are talking metabolism, the key is to eat whole foods.  Whole foods take more energy to metabolize and that extra effort translates to boosting your metabolism.

A whole food is a food that has been processed or refined as little as possible.  Additionally, it is free from additives or other artificial substances.

With that in mind what should you eat when dining out?

Most restaurants focus on protein.  They usually provide a large portion of protein, a large portion of carbohydrate, and a very small portion of vegetables.

If you want to boost your metabolism while dining out, turn that around.

Imagine you’re a looking at a plate.  You want your largest portion of food to be from non-starchy vegetables.  That portion should take up about half to two-third’s of your plate.  The rest of the plate should be evenly divided between quality protein and whole food carbohydrate.

Here’s a great way to accomplish the above.  Order a plate of veggies as a first.  For example, order a salad, broccoli rabe, roasted brussels sprouts, whatever they have on the menu that is a non-starchy vegetable.  Then choose a meal that has a quality protein and some type of healthy whole food carbohydrate.  When the meal is delivered, if it is a large portion, which most restaurant portions are, take half of it home for lunch the next day.

These are some sure-fire tips to help you dine your way to a faster metabolism, without ever skipping a meal or feeling hungry.

Why slow down your metabolism by skipping meals the day you will be dining out?  Instead try these few small changes.  That way you can enjoy your dining out experience with the peace of mind that you are increasing your metabolism at the same time.

Bon Appetit,


P.S.  Looking for more ways to boost your metabolism?  Stay tuned.  I’ll be offering a FREE webinar just on that subject soon.

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