Dine Your Way to a Faster Metabolism

Do you enjoy dining out?  Would you like to learn how to dine your way to a faster metabolism?

Here are a few tips.

Tip #1 – Don’t skip meals.

So often women think they should skip a meal or two because they will be dining out later.  They think it will help to compensate for the extra calories they will be consuming later.

It never works and here’s why.

When we skip meals, our metabolism slows down.  Doing anything that will slow our metabolism down before we are going to dine out is a pathway to weight gain. Think of your metabolism like it is a car. A car needs a constant flow of gasoline to run.  It’s the same with your metabolism. Our bodies need constant supply of energy from food to function at optimal performance.

If you skip a meal your metabolism switches to survival mode.  It slows down to conserve energy.  Now you are going to keep going throughout the day, right?  But you haven’t given your body any fuel so what will it do?  How will it keep going? Well, you body will hunt down whatever fuel it can find to keep going.  And that fuel is found and stolen from your muscles and organs.

The last thing you want is for your metabolism to start steeling fuel from your muscles.  That will only slow down your metabolism.

That brings me to the next tip which will help you turn things around.

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