A few years ago I wouldn’t have considered it to be an option…

Greetings from beautiful Litchfield County Connecticut!

We are a few weeks into Springtime here in New England, and I can already see things are starting to pop!  What a delight it is to just take a walk with my dog Cooper, play with him and enjoy the scenery.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have considered that to be an option.

I would have had to turn it into some type of workout like dropping down and doing push ups or adding sprints.  And better yet that would have been on top of working in my fitness center all day teaching classes.  Oh, and then of course in addition to teaching classes I had to get my own workout in and then go into my home gym to prepare and design workouts for more classes.  I know the way I was exercising may sound excessive but in the fitness culture that type of behavior is pretty normal.

Any way you know what was happening to me back then?  The more I exercised the more my body adapted by slowing my metabolism to conserve energy so it could keep up with the constant stress I was imposing on it.  If I let up just a little, I would gain weight.  So, to compensate I would restrict my food intake and it turned into a vicious hamster wheel.  I was on a path of destroying myself both physically and mentally.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the last five+ years have been a full out commitment for me to find true health from the inside out.  I have been on a quest to balance my life in a way that doesn’t mess up my health or my metabolism.  I have chosen to find the joy in having more peace around working out less and EATING (my favorite thing to do).

That’s why I’m bringing you my FREE webinar, UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR METABOLISM…. How to lose weight without ever going on a diet or feeling hungry…

Though the information I share is science based, it is also what I have learned for myself.  I’ll share what I have learned, the science behind it and stories that show how turning old beliefs upside down and inside out helped to fire up their metabolism, so over exercising and under-eating was never again an option!

This is only available for a limited time.  I hope you’ll watch it.  

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