Belly Bloat

Have you ever experienced belly bloat?  You know that uncomfortable feeling where you feel like there’s a balloon in your belly and it wants to pop?  So, you rub your belly wishing it were a genie and that the bloat would go away?

For most of us that bloated feeling comes from food and often it’s from junk food.

Since most people think of junk food as chips and Cheetos, I want to shed some light on what junk food really is?

Junk food refers to highly processed refined foods.  Some examples are protein drinks, protein bars, bagels, pizza, macaroni and cheese, etc.

If you noticed, I mentioned foods that are often promoted as health foods, like protein shakes and protein bars.  Though they are marketed as healthy, I say read the ingredients.  You’ll see what I mean.  They are highly processed refined foods made from many ingredients, most unpronounceable.

I tried really hard to like protein shakes.  But I always felt bloated and gassy when I drank them.  Who needs that!  Life is too short to be worried about flatulence.

Look, if you want to boot-up your metabolism, and keep belly bloat under control, stick to simple single-ingredient foods that are faster to pack for lunch than a protein shake.  For example, an apple, a piece of cold chicken and a big container of spicy chickpeas that you can snack on all day.  Yummy and you just ate a meal with 100% metabolism boosting foods.

I talked about single ingredient foods more in a recent video I did, and you can watch it here if you would like.

Anyway, when I go thru this with my clients they often say: “but processed food is tasty, fast and easy.

My reply to that is: “it doesn’t fire up your metabolism, is not very nutritious, it’s not filling, it is easy to overeat and doesn’t take much energy to digest.”

Consuming processed food has metabolic consequences, often being belly bloat and weight gain.  An easy solution is to chose single-ingredient whole foods whenever possible.

If you would like to learn more about firing up your metabolism no matter how crunched for time you are, click here and let’s talk about my 1-1 coaching program.

Well that’s it for today. Until next time…