The secret is being single…

Hey, I’m talking about food and your metabolism here.

When it comes to keeping your metabolism optimized so you can lose weight naturally, the absolute best thing you can do is eat simple food.

I have found that the rewards are tremendous.

Last week I talked about junk food and the effects on belly bloat.  Today I want to talk about optimizing your metabolism for weight loss with single ingredient foods.

Have you ever made a breakfast of two perfectly cooked eggs over roasted potatoes and wilted greens?  Or a lunch of a half dozen boiled shrimp, some chickpeas, a little avocado, a few kalamata olives, a little oil and vinegar, a sprinkle of dried oregano over arugula?

Oh, the secret of simple single ingredient foods.

We are always looking for things that are quick and easy and it takes discipline not to fall into the trap of the drive thru.  However, once you start eating single ingredient meals, it becomes so ingrained that you won’t be able to imagine NOT living this way.

And, once you really get it, the weight starts coming off without dieting or feeling hungry.

Look, I know that the thought of preparing food can seem overwhelming.

I get it but it’s not that hard.  The key is to eat foods that start out as one single ingredient.  The grocery store produce, meat and fish departments make that super easy.

It’s crazy to think that processed and chemical-laden foods have come to replace the whole, natural ingredients that our bodies need to stay healthy and keep our engines running at optimal performance. Over the years, real food has fallen into decline, and so have our metabolisms and ability to lose weight.

Bottom line: eating natural, whole foods will restore, balance and keep your metabolism running high every darn delicious day.

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The biggest take away for today is…. keep at it and don’t give up! You are worth it.

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