The Rhythm Method

Some of us might be a bit familiar with the Rhythm Method concept.  Today I’m going to apply it to nutrition, losing weight and shaking up your metabolism.

One of the simplest and most reliable ways to measure your metabolic rate is to take your temperature.  Body temperature has a rhythm that is consistent and predicable for most everyone.

During the evening and early morning hours when we sleep, body temperature drops.  It makes sense that our bodies are cooler at this time because our muscles have very little work to do and our body is in a state of rest, healing and repair.  We do burn calories as we sleep but not even close to the number of calories we burn during our waking hours.  As we sleep the body is in a fasting state—assuming we didn’t eat a big meal just before bed.

The moment our eyes open in the morning, our body temperature automatically begins to rise.  This is the same thing as saying your metabolism wakes up when you wake up.

It makes biological sense that now is the time to find food….as in eat.  Because you are naturally heating up in the morning and your metabolism is naturally revved….it makes sense that eating at this time is a smart bet.

For example, if you want to optimize the benefits of exercise you wouldn’t do your workout at a time of day when you were most tired.

Likewise, if you want to get the ultimate metabolic benefit of eating, don’t eat your most substantial and nutrient-dense meal when your digestion is on a downturn–which is during the evening hours.  You want to eat when your metabolism is at peak performance.

Eating smaller meals during the day and a larger meal in the evening will never take you where you want to go when it comes to optimizing your metabolism and burning calories.

Here’s the deal……The first meal of the day sets the rhythm….

I promise more.  Click here to read part 2 and here for part 3.

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