The Rhythm Method-Part 2

I’m back and today we are going to talk more about how the rhythm method is important to losing weight and your metabolism.

Look, I’ve been using the rhythm method for years and it works.  My weight has been pretty much the same, even thru perimenopause and switching jobs from one of being super active to one of sitting most of the day.

So I left off with the first meal of the day sets the rhythm.  What does that mean?

Let’s say that you wake up in the morning and decide not to eat breakfast.  You say to yourself:  “I’m not hungry…I’ll just have some coffee…maybe a little bit of cereal or a muffin or a bagel.”

Most of the women I talk to think if they aren’t hungry in the morning they shouldn’t eat.

That couldn’t be more incorrect and here’s why.  Your body temperature is naturally rising in the morning to prepare you for your metabolic resurgence from resting.

In the absence of enough food the body gets concerned.  It thinks: “hey I thought I was preparing to raise metabolism…..I thought my food source was abundant and dependable….but there’s not much food here…..I must be shipwrecked on a deserted island or there must be a famine….I better slow down my engine (your metabolism) and store fat because famine is ahead.”

That’s the last thing you want when you are trying to lose weight.  But, let’s be honest…lots of people have a breakfast that consists of one ingredient…coffee.  Coffee by itself raises cortisol levels.  Coffee can chemically mimic the stress response and cause abdominal weight gain.

This doesn’t mean coffee is bad…it just means that when you combine a lack of food with caffeine…you have two factors that powerfully synergize to send cortisol production through the roof.  This then suppresses digestive metabolism and deposits weight – mostly in the belly.

Cortisol is an integral component of the body.  It is aids in the functioning of every major system in the body.  The problem occurs when we overproduce cortisol.  That’s when we age prematurely, wear down our bodily systems and gain weight.

Ok….let’s move on to lunchtime.  You’ve had your small breakfast and possibly a second cup of coffee or tea.  You have some energy and you don’t feel the need for lunch.  Maybe you don’t have much time anyway, so you grab a yogurt, run around during your lunch hour getting errands done and then you are back at work.

This will work against you!  By not putting fuel in your body when it is designed to optimally digest and burn calories, you miss out on your peak metabolic window of opportunity.  Missing this opportunity is like being all dressed for the party with no place to go.

More than likely you’ll be hangry by three or four o’clock and maybe even head-achy.  At that point you’ll grab anything just to get rid of the headache and jitters.

All because you are out of sync with your metabolic circadian flow.

Whew. That was a lot of information so that’s enough for today’s lesson.  I promise more the next time.


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