The Rhythm Method-Part 3

Ok, so I was talking about being sync with your metabolic circadian flow.  Well actually I was taking about being out of sync with your circadian flow.

The next important thing about keeping in turn with your circadian flow and the rhythm method is the importance of what it does when we sleep.  When we sleep the body shifts the bulk of its metabolic focus to maintenance, detoxification and restoration.

The liver, our primary detoxification organ does the bulk of its work in the late evening and early morning hours.

By consuming a big meal right before bed or snacking after dinner, you reroute much of your metabolic energy that should be spent on maintenance, detoxification and restoration to digestion.

So, when your metabolism must focus on digesting and processing your meal as you sleep, you’ll most likely wake up feeling not hungry because you didn’t detoxify and digest your food fully during the night.

The period between dinner and breakfast is evolution’s built-in intermittent fast.  That’s why breakfast is called “break-fast”.

If you eat a large dinner and then snack all night because you didn’t have any real relaxed meals during the day, you won’t be hungry in the morning.  And do you want to know why?  Because your body will still be in a detoxification mode when instead it should be in a metabolic stimulating mode.

If you want to reap the metabolic rewards of the rhythm method, begin with the commitment to eating regular, relaxed, consistent meals.  Make eating a predicable part of your daily flow.  Choose a rhythm that synchronizes with the needs of your metabolism.

Have a hardy breakfast, a good lunch and a slightly smaller dinner.  If you normally have your largest meal at dinner, start by decreasing it by 10-20% and add that to breakfast and lunch.

Consider making your mealtimes important.  Get up a little earlier if you have to so you can sit down and have breakfast. It will only take an additional 15 minutes if you use a few of the recipes in this free downloadable e-book.

If you would like to increase your fat burning capacity and start losing weight, start paying attention to the natural rhythm method of your metabolism.

So, there you go.  A new take on the rhythm method and this one is sure to work!

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Ta, ta for now,