What did she do? The inside scoop…

Hi there…let me introduce you to Anne.

Anne is a busy mom who works full-time, has 2 college aged children and is going through menopause.

A year ago she was 22 pounds overweight.

Like most busy women, she was struggling with hormonal changes, relying on take-out or eating out and was habitually tired.

While she felt she knew how to diet, she told me “I really don’t want to focus on dieting ever again.  But I do want to lose weight and have more energy because I hate to look in the mirror or have my photo taken.  Time is ticking and I don’t want to hate myself anymore.”

Tackling this type of internal conflict can feel overwhelming.

But fast forward and Ann lost her weight naturally, without going on a diet.

She said:

“Ohhhh…it feels so good to have some clarity on how to do this and the simple shifts in how I have been talking to myself has made all the difference in the world.”

Today she is at her goal weight and feels she has her energy back.

She said to me:  “The best part has been streamlining my focus.  I now know how to eat foods that will help me burn fat and heal my metabolism.  I’m blown away to be feeling so good and achieving such success.”

So what did she do to instigate this change?

She used the formula from FEAST Academy  Want to hear something else really awesome?  She made back her investment in the program from the tools she learned thru FEAST Academy.  Now that’s smart investing.  Click here for some of those tools.

If you love the idea of losing weight without dieting, boosting your metabolism and having more energy, I’m happy to chat and help you figure out if this program is right for you.

Who knows there just might be tools in the program that will help you make back your investment?

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Look forward to taking to you,