Don’t Live on Water Alone – Repairing the Symptoms of a Sluggish Metabolism

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If you are trying to repair the symptoms of a sluggish metabolism, sticking to proven lifestyle choices is key.  One of those lifestyle choices is to stay hydrated.  But what if you don’t like water?  And why is hydration so important?

There are many benefits to staying hydrated.  But in relation to metabolism and weight loss, cellular hydration is necessary for our body to function optimally.

Our body’s ability to create and burn energy is weakened when hydration is diminished.  When a cell shrinks due to dehydration, the body is signaled to slow down the metabolic process.  Keeping our cells hydrated is a good way to keep our metabolism working at optimal levels.

A high functioning metabolism means our body can process calories more efficiently. When we process calories efficiently, less are stored in our body as fat and more is used to fuel our body.

But what do you do if you think drinking water is….well, boring?

Staying hydrated isn’t always about drinking lots of water. Yes, drinking water is important, but variety is the spice of life too. So, click here to download a few ways you can contribute to your hydration besides just drinking plan water.

What are your tips for staying hydrated?   I’d love to hear from you.

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