Are you taking care of what’s underneath?

Are you taking care of what’s underneath?  When was the last time you took a good look at your underwear drawer?  Is it a reflection of how you are feeling about yourself?

If your underwear drawers are full of undies with holes in them and old sports bras that are stretched out and stained, then maybe it’s time you renew and refresh what you are wearing underneath.

If you are thinking…OK Patti, I thought you were a weight loss coach.  What does this have to do with losing weight?

To that I answer…. a lot!

Just because you’re trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean you have to walk around in holey underwear.

Wearing pretty underwear is about claiming who you are at your most powerful.

If you don’t think wearing nice underwear is powerful think again.

Imagine how you feel in a pair of worn out panties and bra.  Not so great right?

Now, imagine how you feel in something pretty.  Probably much better.

Look I’m not saying you have to wear lacy underwear.  But you deserve to feel fantastic in your “underneath” clothes every day.

Here are a few reasons why it will help your weight loss journey when you wear underwear that makes you feel pretty:

  1.  What you wear affects your confidence and self-esteem.

Experts found that wearing a Superman t-shirt under clothes made wearers feel more confident; that translates to the bras and panties you choose. When a woman wears lovely undies on a daily basis, she feels beautiful and confident from the inside out.  Boosting your confidence and self-esteem is a key factor in making long-term lifestyle changes.

A great place to start is by upping your pantie game.  Most brands give you multiple choices when it comes to pantie styles. You can find everything from high-waisted undies to low-rise bikinis and full bottom briefs. Just be sure to stock up on what feels good and makes you feel pretty.

2. Giving the girls support will help you look better in your clothes.

Whether we like it or not, a lot of our self-esteem is tied to our breasts.  When you don’t feel good in your clothes because of the girls, it’s hard to be your most confident self.

A properly fitted bra can make all the difference in how your clothes fit and how you feel about yourself.

So, save your sports bras for the gym and stop walking around with a uniboob.  Go get yourself fitted for a real bra so you can buy one that makes you feel pretty while supporting those beautiful boobs of yours.

Surprisingly, the right bra can even make the rest of you look slimmer and more put-together.  And when you wear a nice bra that supports the girls, you won’t want to rip it off the minute you walk in the house.

3.  Pretty underwear makes you feel feminine.

Wearing pretty underneath clothes lets you embrace your power of femininity. The beauty of wearing pretty underwear is how it makes you feel from the inside out. You can pick bright colors and patterns that appeal just to your personal tastes.  Wearing something outrageous underneath it all is empowering, especially when no one has a clue what you’ve got going on underneath. It’s your little secret.

4.  Embrace your personal power.

Underwear is what we wear closest to our skin, so choosing what feels beautiful sends a signal to your brain that you deserve beauty in your life.

By wearing carefully selected underwear and sleepwear, you develop a more conscious life.  You don’t have to wear lacy undies with a matching bra.  Just choose pretty undies that provide comfort and confidence.

Thanks to a variety of luxurious brands with items that hone-in on our curves, we have lots of choices that are pretty, breathable and practical.

There you go.

Why not tap into your natural feminine side, the side of you that makes you softer, gentler, nurturing and naturally loving and apply it to yourself.  Take that natural energy and honor your inner Goddess with an underwear refresh.  You might be surprised at how powerful a pretty pair of panties might make you feel.

Right now, peek at what your underneath clothes look like.  Are they honoring your inner Goddess with love?

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Ta, ta for now,