Most Valuable Tips

Well hello there.  I know we have a few more weeks of summer left, but where I live in New England, the nights are already getting cooler and the days are getting shorter.

I love Autumn and it can be an invigorating and energizing time to let go of the old and learn something new.

That’s why this week I want to share the best things I teach my clients to do to stop the cycle of losing weight and gaining it back.

The first is to become aware of how your thoughts effect your metabolism. After 30 years of helping women lose weight and live more healthfully, I have come to realize that long-term success is a mental endeavor.

I had a client who had tried every diet known.  She was 30 pounds overweight and had totally ruined her metabolism from restrictive dieting.

We started by developing ways for her to create healthier habits so she would never again feel hungry.  We added in just a few simple lifestyle shifts that supported her recovery from eating processed foods which caused her weight gain and also created a workout plan.

But, the most important thing we did was to help her become more mindful of the thoughts that were holding her back from making healthy changes.  Then, we created action plans to help manage those thoughts.  The results were remarkable.

She quickly recognized how much more pleasurable it was to feel in control rather than feeling guilty all the time.  She said this is her “true secret to maintaining her weight loss”.

This next one is to add in some exercise, but make sure its the right exercise for your desired results.  If you are trying to repair and reset your metabolism, the thing you want to shoot for when exercising is something that has just the right impact on your body composition.

You see body composition is the percentage of lean muscle, bone and water to fat in your body.

Exercise, especially some type of strength-training and cardio exercise, will help you build muscle and burn fat.

However, it is important to choose a workout program that will contribute to helping you build lean body mass and burn fat, without causing too much stress on your body.

If you work out too hard, too often, it can easily cross the line and cause the type of stress that will slow down your metabolism.

So, make sure you find the right balance.

And lastly is to start eating.

Yup, if you want give your metabolism some fire power, start eating food that has a high thermogenic effect.  This means eat foods that take a lot of energy to digest, absorb and transport nutrients.  If you are wondering what thermogenic foods are, they are simple unprocessed whole foods.

I held a more detailed webinar on these tips a few months ago.  It was so well received that I have decided to expand upon them in an experiential one-day immersion retreat.

If you are struggling with the symptoms of a stagnant metabolism and want to lose weight, this retreat might be the perfect start.

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Until next time,