What happens when you eat salad for lunch

See that salad on the conference room table?  Is that yours?


Here’s something I would like to bring to light for busy women over 50.  When you eat just a salad for lunch you are probably thinking… I’ve got this.  I can do this diet thing, I’m on a new plan, today is the day.

For every woman out there, who is trying to make it through the day on just a salad, please give yourself a break and go get some real food with sustenance.  Food that will fuel you through the day.

Trying to make it through a busy day on just salad or even shakes takes a serious toll on your metabolism.  It often leads to weight gain, inability to lose weight, thyroid problems, insomnia, exhaustion, cravings and STRESS… Do you experience any of these?

Let’s come together and kick the food police out of our heads so we can have energy to power through our day feeling at the top of our game.

Please eat some real food that will give you strength and nourishment.  Food that will support you to heal at a cellular level, so you drop weight naturally and change the way you feel about yourself.

Now, I’m not saying salad is bad.  But for goodness sake add some power nutrients to it.

Let’s start with building your salad with greens like spinach, romaine and the greens in the table on this page.  Then add in your high thermogenic foods like protein, whole food carbohydrates, and healthy fats.  How about some beans, chicken and a healthy fat like olive oil?   Or over your greens add in quinoa salad, leftover protein from dinner, some olive oil and lime juice?  Now either one of those would be a meal that will power you through you day!

Well, that’s it for today.

Until next time,

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