Nothing travels faster….

It’s that time of year…..where nothing travels faster than germs on a sneeze.

It was great to see your long lost cousin….until you came down with her cold.  Or your coworker who sits right next to you  who was coughing up a lung until you suggested maybe she stay home from work for awhile.  She had bronchitis.  

Yes, it’s that sniffling and sneezing time of year.

But you can be prepared.

I find the best way to fend off those unwanted germy gifts from family, friends and coworkers is by boosting my immune system.

I always start with healthy whole foods.

However, even if you eat the highest quality foods, it doesn’t hurt if you take a few extra precautions.  Two of my favorites are Juice Plus and vitamin D.  I take these to support my immune system.  Though I try to get some natural light several times a day (for short periods of time), I live in the northeast and it’s difficult to get enough natural vitamin D, so I supplement.  Most of us associate vitamin D with classic effects on calcium and bone homeostasis, but it also helps to boost your immune system.

The thing I do is to keep my gut flora healthy with a good probiotic.  I switch between Probiotic Synergy, Probiophage DF ,  and Pro-flora Concentrate Probiotic Pearls.

In addition to that, I have a few  things in my kitchen that helps keep bugs away.

One is garlic.  Oh how I love garlic.  Not just because it gives great flavor to foods but because is has powerful antimicrobial properties and is very useful if you have a respiratory system irritation like a cold or flu.  All  you need to do is  crush a clove of raw garlic, mix it with honey, and eat it raw.

Then there’s thyme tea.    Most of us use thyme for cooking, but it is a great expectorant.  If you develop a cough, simply brew a cup of thyme tea and sip on it throughout the day.

My good friend Cathy introduced me to Fire Cider and once the days start getting shorter and I spend less time out doors I take a daily dose with my breakfast.  I love the stuff.  Her friends Velya and Ehris who wrote the book, How to Survive a Brazilian Betrayal taught her how to make the stuff.  I admit, I buy mine.  You can click here for what I buy.

There are lots of simple remedies that you can rely on to keep you and your immune system strong so you can make it through the winter months with your health intact.  I have a kit in my cabinet.  This is what’s in it, Fire Cider, Daily Immune, Oil of Oregano, Thyme, Oscillococcinum, Silvercillin Spray and Elderberry Syrup.  I think I’m prepared what do you think?

Do you have anything you would add?


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