This is how women have been conditioned to think

My jaw dropped and I was quite taken back.

But then I realized…this is how women have been conditioned to think.

Here’s what happened.

A woman I was talking to referenced one of my Instagram posts and said: “don’t you think it’s a little crude to talk about menopause on social media?”

I answered “no I don’t.  More than 50% of the population will experience menopause.  I think it’s time we admit that it exists and talk about it.  Actually, I’m delighted to see more talk about menopause.”

She said “Oh God women just need to get on the patch and see their dermatologist for some injections.”

Now that conditioned way of thinking is what really concerns me.  Like menopause is a taboo subject and a medical condition that needs medication and injections.

I’ve spent the last several years researching all the ways women can be empowered to control their symptoms naturally.  When we take a proactive approach, our experience can be quite liberating, very positive and medication free.

So, what can you do to achieve hormonal balance naturally so you can be strong, vibrant and healthy?

First and foremost is make your diet healthier.  Include lots of fresh vegetables, high quality protein and eliminate processed food as much as possible.  This will give you strength from the inside out.

Next, take a look at your personal care products like deodorant, moisturizers, and shampoos.  They can have potentially suspect ingredients that can interfere with your hormones.   I try to keep skincare and cosmetics as natural as possible.

How do you cope with stress?  Hormone fluctuations are exacerbated by stress. So, try to find small easy ways to reduce your stress without significantly changing your life.  Little things you can incorporate into your life every day that will help you feel take that stressful edge off.   I have put together a stress busters kit.  I post the link to download it with this video.

Lastly, get a handle on your weight.  Women who carry extra weight tend to have more issues with menopause symptoms.  Toxins that add fuel to the flames of your menopause symptoms are stored in fat.  Take away your body’s fat storage, and it will release those toxins.  If you are overweight and suffering with menopause symptoms, consider trying to do something about it rather than just accepting it as a natural aspect of getting older. It’s not.

But please…don’t make things worse with some type of restrictive diet like Whole what ya call it, 21Day thingy poo or anything like that.  They are designed to keep you coming back for more dieting.

Here’s why…they keep you hungry.  And that plays with your blood sugar and adds to the stress your body feels.  It’s a very primitive metabolic response.  Believe it or not…those restrictive diets just pack fat around your middle because….your body wants to protect you and your organs from what it perceives as a famine.

So just like learning to manage your menopause symptoms naturally, learn how to lose weight naturally and in a way that is sustainable.  It can be done.

This is a quick synopsis of the type of work I do with clients.  They lose weight and are able to manage their menopause symptoms because we dig down to the root cause of what’s going on and heal from the inside out so that feel vibrant, strong and healthy again.

I’ll share more on all of this in another blog.

For now let’s keep talking about menopause and remember that menopause doesn’t make you any less of who you are. You are still the fabulous woman you’ve always been. You know the same stuff and can do the same things. Believe in yourself and your power.

That’s it for now.