Mistreatment by the weight loss industry

If I have learned anything over the years it is that life is to be enjoyed and there’s no point in making changes unless you end up with something that is better.

I was talking to a potential client the other day and she said: “I’m a lifelong member of blanketly-blank so I know how to diet.  I want to know how your program is better.”

I LOVED that.

Let me tell you a little bit about my new client.  She is a busy superstar in her 40’s who has dieted most of her life and now nothing is working.  She mentioned she was feeling like an old lady; that her husband was wondering where her libido went, and she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t losing weight.

As we continued to talk, she told me her favorite breakfast was a sandwich from DD drive thru, an occasional muffin or a shake.  She also mentioned that she couldn’t walk by a candy dish without eating a few pieces, her periods are erratic, she isn’t sleeping very well, and she has a few digestive issues (constipation and acid reflux).

Deep breath…

I told her with my program things would be better because I would not punish her by keeping her hungry all the time or add to her stress by asking her to eat boneless chicken breast, broccoli and low-fat yogurt.

Instead we’ll look at the big picture. Like what’s causing her symptoms and her inability to lose weight.

We’ll will focus on healing by adding in delicious, real, whole, foods that are targeted to her symptoms so they can deeply replenish the nutrients dieting has robbed her of.  We’ll bring her body back into balance so she can start to lose weight again, and we’ll design a personalized tool kit, specific to her symptoms so she will get her lusciousness back.  Oh, and those cravings, they’ll pretty much go away because she’ll feel satisfied from eating real food.

She’ll know when she’s completed my program when she’s losing weight without starving, when she goes to the bathroom without difficulty, when she’s forgotten about her menopause symptoms, when things in the bedroom are sweet again and she feels like her best years are yet to come.

Then I asked her “does this sound better?”

I always tell my clients that success depends on implementation.  When my clients make the decision to implement what they learn, the healing starts, they feel better and the weight begins to come off.

All it takes is applying a few tweaks here and there and things get better.

Until next time,


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