What do a grimy shower head, a hole in the wall and take out have in common?

Oy vey!  I was scrubbing the shower head and all of a sudden right out of the wall it came, pipe and all.

I looked down the dark hole and said “uh-oh”!

The adrenaline rush turned me into Mrs. Clean scrubbing, painting and washing floors on my hands and knees.

Come dinner time I was pooped, and it was time for a little nurturing which meant take-out.

Now the big question.  What to order?

Since I was tired, I wanted comfort food, so we ordered Italian.

Oh, the excitement of having food delivered!

I wanted to make sure I savored every minute of it.

Now I know salty, spicy, processed food tends to exacerbate hormonal imbalance symptoms and slow the metabolizing of food.  So…I decided I would order chicken Marsala and keep the processed foods as a side dish.

The pasta side dish was topped with the Marsala mushroom sauce from the chicken.  Yum, it was just the right comfort food for me.

The meal also came with a small salad, which wouldn’t be enough veggies, so I ordered sautéed spinach.

While we waited for the food, I set the table with candles and cloth napkins, then put on soft Italian music.

As I plated the food, I used all of my senses to smell the garlic and artfully arrange the food.

When I sat down, I made sure I ate slowly, enjoying the explosion of the taste from someone else’s cooking, chewing each mouthful 20-30 times.  And stopping right before I felt full.

It was so pleasurable that I totally forgot about the shower incident.

I was happy, satiated, and I slept like a stone without one night sweat.

You don’t have to eat differently from everyone else just because you want to lose weight and manage your menopause symptoms.

Just slow down and tune into the moment.

Become aware of your hunger to satiety cues and enjoy every minute of someone else’s’ cooking.

Until next time,
P.S.  I texted our plumber a photo of our shower head and the hole in the wall.  He said he could fix it.  Whew!