He dared to tell me it looked disgusting….

My husband looked at my lunch and said, “that looks absolutely disgusting”.  To which I replied… “I don’t care, it’s really good.”

So, what was this lunch of mine?  It was a small sweet potato, cut in half, topped with peanut butter, drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon.

Now that might sound like an odd lunch, but I was craving something sweet.

I knew if I made chocolate chip cookies, that I would eat way too many of them and then suffer from moodiness and night sweats which would interrupt my ever so precious sleep.

So, I decided to get my fix from something that would provide sweetness while keeping my hormones balanced.

If you feel like your struggles with craving sweets and your menopause symptoms have kicked up a notch since this pandemic started, now is a great time to get some support with a free 3-day Sugar Cleanse.

Why? Because girlfriends, the effects of sugar go way beyond our waistline.

I’m telling you, a diet full of excess sugar, like those cookies I was thinking about, can lead to significant hormonal imbalances.

The good news is it’s not that difficult to restore balance to your body.  And a nice holistic treatment plan like my FREE Get Sugar Savvy 3-Day Sugar Cleanse can help resolve and correct hormonal imbalances that can stem from excessive sugar.

There’s no need to go on an all-out diet overhaul.

Since sugar and highly processed foods are a most common contributor to hormonal imbalances, going on a quick whole food sugar cleanse can greatly improve these imbalances rather quickly.

So, my gift to you is this free Get Sugar Savvy 3-Day Sugar CleanseDownload it and give it a try.  Hey what do you have to lose right?

If you give it a try and have any questions let me know.  I’m here to help.

Until next time,