Wet carpets and the great progesterone crash.

It was one of those days.  I was the only one working and it was crazy busy.  Then suddenly someone said, “Patti do you know the carpet is soaked over

Sure enough, it happened AGAIN.  The tenant next door’s ice machine backed up and flooded the carpet in my studio.

I called the owner of the business and he promised to immediately take care of it.

The carpet cleaners showed up, took care of the wet carpet and I thought I had put it out of my mind.

That was until I was closing for the day.  All of a sudden, my heart started racing and so did my mind.  I started worrying about everything and with that came the tears and fears.

Wow…talk about hormones being out of balance and an anxiety attack!

Have you ever had anything like that happen to you?  Do you find coping with stress to be a little more difficult during these midlife years?

For me it was the result of a decrease in the hormone “progesterone” which happens during perimenopause.  The decrease destabilized my HPA axis or stress response system.  At the time, I had no idea perimenopause was associated with an increased risk of anxiety and depression.

Now I know better.

Luckily, we can balance our hormones without medications.

Here are a few ways:

  • Numero uno – Stop living on a diet and learn to just eat more healthfully.  This made a big difference for me.
  • Find yourself a Goldilocks workout.  That’s a workout where you train just right so your fitness level progresses without dramatic workout intensity.
  • Give yourself permission to recognize your stress and find simple ways to manage it.
  • Build a community of women who encourage you to self-nurture.  No one should have to go on this journey alone.
  • Use herbs to support this changing time.  My favorite for stress is Ashwagandha.  It is an adaptogen herb that stabilizes the HPA axis, reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.  And then there’s Amata Life’s Pueraria Mirifica Plus.  If it’s right for you, it can help with so many hormonal imbalance symptoms.

Midlife can be the beginning of an exciting time for us and I’m so grateful to now be in alignment with my body.

That’s why I’ve put together all of what I learned and what has worked into a “Release the Weight of Menopause Naturally” workshop.

You are a powerful woman who was born to nurture.  This is the time for you to nurture you.

Hope you’ll join me.  You can get all the info here.

Well that’s it for today.  I’m here to support you. Have a wonderful week.