Rings, patches, creams and pills, and it still hurt!

Meet Zoey.  Zoey said “I feel like a dried-up old woman! I mean sex plain old hurts and I can’t stand my fat belly. I hate this.  I want to feel sexy again.  I want the old me back.”

Hmmmm… I want the old me back.  Now that’s a reasonable request when something as pleasurable as sex starts to hurt!

When Zoey and I first talked she told me that her doctor had prescribed them all.  She called them “the quartet”.  She said, “first I tried the ring.  It just made me fat.  Then we tried testosterone cream…that made me hairy.  So, we slapped on the patch…talk about headaches.  I called my doctor sobbing.  Her next recommendation was an antidepressant.  That’s when I contacted you.”

My heart ached for Zoey.  I could feel her sadness through the phone.

Most women think that to manage their menopause symptoms they have to get some medication from their doctor.

I propose a very different approach.  There is a way to feel sexy again without “the quartet”.

I’ll tell you more in my upcoming workshop.  If you’re interested, you can get more information and register here.

Until next time,