Just pop the damn cork will ya!

That’s what my friend said to me as I tried to read the label on a bottle of wine.  I was turning the bottle around and around, lamenting about the lack of ingredient information on the label.

I said… “oh sorry”.

Now I realize not everyone gives two craps about ingredients, but at this point in my life I do.

Please don’t think I’m a food snob.  I’m really not.  But I do want to feel my absolute best and I know what I eat, and drink is a big factor.

Like that wine for instance.

When I was on my journey to detox my hormone imbalances and get out of weight loss resistance, I really thought cutting out wine would be impossible.  I mean like don’t you love that glass in your hand, the smell of the wine…and the after glow of a glass of wine?

The deal is if you want to balance your hormones naturally so you can break through weight loss resistance, you might have to cut back or give it up for a little while until your liver detoxes and starts metabolizing those spent hormones.

Once that happens and your liver is happily doing its awesome detoxification job again, that’s when you are going to break through weight loss resistance and start losing weight.

So, for a little while, you might want to lay off the sauce.  That’s what worked for me.

I know, if you are a woman who enjoys the whole ambiance of alcohol (like I do), giving it up completely isn’t sustainable.

And it doesn’t have to be.

Just keep this in mind…

Alcohol is toxic.

So, when you drink booze, it doesn’t matter if it is wine or spirits, dealing with the alcohol will always be your body’s first and only priority.

Which means your liver is going to focus on dealing with the alcohol and it will not be dealing with detoxing your metabolized hormones.

Which means they are going to get reabsorbed back into your blood stream.

And what happens then?  You got it…. hormone imbalance symptoms like hot flashes, not sleeping well, bloating, low libido and the scale not moving!

Here’s a simple test.  Stop drinking alcohol (including wine) for two weeks and see how you feel.  Ideally journal about it.

Then add it back.  I don’t mean go on a bender.  Just add one or two low sugar drinks back and see how you feel.

If your hormone imbalance symptoms come back, then your liver isn’t ready for you to add alcohol back.  Which also means your body isn’t ready to break through your weight loss resistance either.

When it comes to weight loss resistance, you need to first find what’s causing your body to resist losing weight.  Then you can fix it and the weight will start to come off naturally.  It’s not that hard…and it’s what your body is trying to tell you it need thru your “symptoms”.

Food for thought…

Cheers, until next time.


BTW — low sugar spirits would be vodka or gin.  If you are looking for low sugar wine, I love Dry Farms Wines.