How she reversed quarantine weight gain

Quarantine weight gain….it’s a real thing.

Maintaining our weight can be quite a struggle when we are stuck in the house with nothing to do but eat popcorn, drink wine and watch Netflix.

Am I right?

This was one of my clients.  She came to me and said:  “I simply cannot keep eating at this pace.”

Even though she exercised and was sleeping well, she admitted she was snacking more, there was a lot more booze and she was indulging in behaviors that just didn’t serve her.

She said…

  • I need my energy back.
  • I need to be able to zip my pants.
  • I need to get focused again.

So I asked her if she felt she could handle the structure of balanced whole food meals and predetermined healthy habits?

She said hell yes!

And that was the birth of my 5-Day Balance Reset Program.

My client LOVED it.  She said the food plans were delicious and easy to prepare and the focus of the program was just what she needed.

Do you want to know why?

Because what you focus on magically becomes your reality.

You stop eating cookies for lunch (and breakfast and dinner) and start eating foods that support your hormone health.

And guess what happens?

Your brain gets sharper, your moods get better and you stop pumping fat storing hormones.


You take the load of worry, wine and waffles off your system and allowed it to find equilibrium again.

Her success gave me the idea to open this system up as a mini reset.

This is the perfect time for a reset and to bring some balance back into your life.

Balance is my 5-Day reset plan that is NOT about counting calories, weighing yourself or being mean to yourself by not drinking coffee.

So what IS it about?

It’s about eating real food.  Real whole food full of targeted hormone balancing nutrients for 3 meals a day.

It’s about being organized with a grocery list for those meals and an easy food prep plan.

It’s about slowing down and…are you ready…PRIORITIZING YOURSELF with a few healthy habits each day.

I know women everywhere are feeling the same way as my client and need just a little extra support.  Which is why I’m offering this reset program for FREE.

I have it all laid out.  Simply grab it and go.

I call this program Balance because when it was over my client said she felt so much more balanced.  She also lost some weight, slept better, and was able to zip her pants up.

Which is what we all need right?

We need a little reset to get re-balanced with eating healthy and taking better care of ourselves.
You can go here to download the free Balance materials, which include:

  • Daily checklists
  • Recipes
  • Suggested meal plan
  • Shopping list

You can start right away or wait to start July 26th so you can follow along with me.

I bet if you go through this process, you’ll come out the other side feeling more grounded and in control.

And it’s free!

You can register here>> https://healthymethodsbypatti.com/balance
Patti 😊