Why are you craving….cookies, cupcakes, candy, wine…

You know that urge for “a little something”.

Let’s say you’ve had dinner.  All the dishes are done. Your breakfast and lunch are ready for your early morning start.  You’ve taken something out of the freezer for tomorrow’s dinner.

Now you settle in with your favorite Netflix show and the next thing you know…you can’t stop thinking about that ice cream in the freezer.  You begin to obsess about needing “a little something”.

You ask yourself…why is this happening?  You check in with your body signals and you admit you’re not really hungry, but you definitely feel like you want to eat something.

You’ll be happy to know that there isn’t anything wrong with you.  You’re not weak or flawed.

There are natural causes for those cravings.

And one reason is as simple as they are part of a habit loop.

Habits are made up of three key components:

  1. A cue-the thing that triggers your habit
  2. A routine-the behavior that follows your habit
  3. And a reward-the positive reinforcement your brain identifies with the routine

Looking at this simple loop, you can see that the culprit of any habit starts from the cue. That is what triggers the start of the habit loop.

This means that the first step to controlling your habits is to take control of your cues.

So now that we know that what action can you take?

What is you were to confuse the cue?

Remember, you’ve got the power to shake up your routine.  Give it a try.  Confuse your cue and see how it works for you!

Maybe it’s just what you need to help you shift out of your old habits and patterns and say bye, bye to cravings.

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