Something to be Desired — I blushed

I felt my face flush and I knew I was beginning to sweat.

It happened when I was at the gynecologist’s office and the nurse practitioner came in.  She told me she had a new doctor with her that day who was joining the practice. She wanted to know if I would mind if the new doctor was in the room while she examined me.female nurse

I said sure.  But that wasn’t what made me blush and sweat.

What made my face flush was when the nurse practitioner asked me if I was experiencing any low libido symptoms because of my changing hormones.

She went on to say she was bringing it up because it is one of the most common problems associated with menopause, but most women were reluctant to talk about it.

As we talked, she went on to talk about all the medical rings, things and creams she could give me that would help.

Now look, I don’t want you to think that I am an anti-medical profession person.  I am profoundly grateful for every doctor I have ever had and the life saving medications they have given me over the years.

But when it comes to something as natural as libido, I just couldn’t believe a medication, be it a ring, cream or whatever could make a difference without adverse effects.

So, I researched and found the power of nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle and what a positive influence they can have on reversing low libido.  And yes, one remedy is finding the root cause of your hormone imbalances so you can lose weight.

Look…we do not have to just accept loss of libido as part of growing older.

Which is why I’m going to talk about the foods, herbs and lifestyle changes you can apply to help bring back balance so you can start losing weight again and recapture your libido in my free 5-day program which starts TOMORROW.

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