Hair all over the pillow….

I’ve got 3 things for you today regarding weight loss.  A story, a surprise, and a solution.

My client Diane was one of the wittiest clients I ever had.  Every session she made me laugh.  I’m telling you; she should have been a comedian instead of a banker.

During our initial consultation, I learned:

Diane hated her job, but she had done well and was close to retirement.

She was concerned about being one of the oldest women in her department and was worried about keeping up with the pace of change.

She was always tired, didn’t eat very much yet still gained weight, experienced brain fog, hot flashes and her hair was falling out.

She had been on every diet, tried all types of protein shakes, even considered getting her jaw wired.

Can you relate at all to Diane?  Have you noticed you’re gaining weight easily and struggling to lose it?

Is your hair all over your pillow in the morning?

Do you sweat during the day like a teenage athlete?

Too often women put every symptom in the menopause box and blame getting older for not being able to lose weight.


This cluster of symptoms often has nothing to do with menopause and everything to do with chronically elevated cortisol levels due to prolonged stress.

There’s plenty of things you can do to keep your body’s cortisol levels under control so you can lose weight.

But admittedly they are easier said than done.

For example, you probably know several stress management techniques.

But have you ever asked yourself what’s getting in the way of you using them?

Because without knowing what’s getting in the way of you using them, it won’t matter how many “tools” you learn, you’ll never put one of them into practice.

The solution to lowering your stress hormones so you can start losing weight is to recognize what thoughts, beliefs and undesirable consequences are driving your choices and behaviors.

Then stop the thoughts, replace the undesirable consequence with a stress management tool and voilà…you’ll lower the production of cortisol.

Now, add to that healthy anti-inflammatory meal plans designed just for you and you’ll start losing weight again.

Maybe it’s time you ask yourself what’s really getting in your way of change.

Food for thought,