Motivate me…

“Motivate me!”

That’s what Frida, my client said as we were doing her initial consultation.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I’m stuck. I can’t stop eating sweets and I’m borderline diabetic.”

I said to her:  “I can’t motivate you, but I can teach you a technique you can use to motivate yourself.  And I’ll be there along the way encouraging you as you make positive changes.”

I know how easy it is to lose motivation.  When it would happen to me, I used to think I had to power thru.  Until I found a better way to get unstuck.

Here’s what I teach:

First – recognize you’re stuck.

Second – listen to the “chatter” in your head regarding your lack of motivation.

Third – stop the chatter.  Replace it with a mental and verbal visualization of the change you want to achieve.  This is important.

Fourth – recognize your small wins and get positive feedback.

Often the reward is down the road.  As with my client Frida.

Highlighting small wins and receiving positive feedback along the way, helped her become more encouraged to carry out change.

And when motivation increases, and change is consistently applied, the cycle of change feeds itself.

Positive feedback and recognizing small wins are vital to create change.  They help build confidence and belief as you move in the new direction.

When you just can’t seem to make change work but you want it, you are essentially at a crossroads.  Either continue down the road you’re on or create a new path.

Using the steps I noted above can help you break the cycle of negative feedback you’re giving yourself and get you unstuck so you can create a positive feedback loop.

If you’re feeling like you’re not motivated and would like to talk about getting unstuck, click here and let’s talk about it.