Pleasure zapping weight loss traps to avoid

Did you know the fastest growing segment of the world population is people over 100 years old?

One way to contribute to long, healthy life  is to keep your weight within a good range for your height by learning the difference between healthy eating and restrictive eating.

Restrictive eating controls your life, takes the pleasure out of eating and is both mentally and physically unhealthy.

Healthy eating nourishes your cells and keeps you blood sugar balanced.  It provides pleasure and enjoyment from eating foods that both taste good and make our bodies feel good.

If you want to live a pleasurable, long healthy life, consider giving up severe calorie restriction in any form.

Instead, learn to eat to keep your blood sugar balanced.  That means eat protein, fat, and fiber at every meal.

Then tap into when you are hungry and when you are full.  And when you start to feel full, stop eating.

And since chronic inflammation is the world’s #1 cause of disease, find your trigger foods that cause internal inflammation and replace them with other healthy, pleasurable foods.

I’ll use myself for an example.  I LOVE ice cream, but it is a big trigger food for me.  After I eat it, I get so bloated and uncomfortable.  Sometimes I even get sick.  So instead I eat a mashed frozen banana.  It’s cold and creamy.  I add a few cacao nibs or nuts and drizzle a little honey.  A treat fit for a Goddess.

If you want to eat for longevity, consider focusing on habits that will change your health without turning to some restrictive diet that makes you miserable.

Well that’s it for today’s tidbits for good health.  Until next time.


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