Sometimes you just want to lie down

Ever feel full of energy in the morning only to be exhausted by 11:00 AM?

Then you eat something.  You feel better but later in the afternoon you’re grouchy, exhausted again, and just want to go home and lie down.

I used to feel that way too frequently until I figured-out I was on a blood sugar roller coaster.

If you’ve ever given a toddler a candy bar, you know what I mean by a blood sugar rollercoaster.  One minute your toddler has the zoomies; half an hour later they’re face planted and asleep.

My blood sugar roller coaster was from the type of food I was eating.  Though I thought I was eating  healthy food, unfortunately that food was not creating health for my body.

I was eating things like Greek yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast, a salad for lunch and pasta for dinner.  Sounds healthy right?

Well it wasn’t balanced properly for my body.  So my blood sugar wasn’t ever on an even keel.

And that blood sugar roller coaster sure impacted the scale in a way I did not want to talk about.

I mean there I was, a group exercise instructor and gym owner and I couldn’t figure out why I was gaining weight.

Once I switched things up, boy did I feel better fast, and my weight normalized.

Learning to keep my blood sugar balanced for my body is a key element to weight management, hormone balance, and feeling energetic and vibrant.

I’ve mentioned “for my body” a few times because there isn’t a one sized fit’s all way to eat.  Each woman is uniquely different.  Including the way she metabolizes food which then influences those blood sugar balancing hormones.

I’ll be sharing in-depth information about the foods you can eat to keep your blood sugar balanced and so much more during my free mini-course, Sugar Smackdown.

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Hope to see you there,