Pregnant women aren’t the only ones who crave pickles…

Truth be told I crave salty food and interestingly, according to your emails, so do many of you.

Have you ever wondered why you crave salt?

The most common reason is your body is responding to a hormone imbalance created from stress.

Imagine this is you…

You’re the oldest woman in your office.  Your boss, who is 30 years younger than you, just sent an email stating that he wants the quarterly sales report today instead of the due date which was two days from today.

You think, WHAT!  It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I’m not ready with that report.  AND…..you told your daughter that you would pick up your grandchild after her dance class.

You start to sweat and suddenly realize you haven’t eaten anything since early in the morning.  So you dash down to the break room and those crispy, salty snacks are calling your name.

Now that’s a stress response and it happens so often to women that we kind of get used to it.

So what do we do?  We recognize it and we manage it.

When we experience stress, our body needs to elevate our sodium levels to slow down the production of the stress hormone cortisol and increase the production of the immensely, powerful anti-stress hormone, oxytocin.

Since excess stress hormones cause fat storing, we want to do whatever we can to manage things and lower the production of cortisol, as long as what we do doesn’t go against doctor’s orders.

If it means occasionally eating something salty to help increase the production of oxytocin, go for it.  Just try to choose something that is as nutritious as possible, ideally that has some protein, fat and fiber and won’t undo your hard work.

Click here to download a list of salty snacks that might help.

There are two lists on that download.

The first list of nutrient dense, whole food snacks.  These will curb your salt cravings and help squelch fat storing hormone production.

The second is a list of processed food snacks that are healthier than what’s available in most vending machines.  You may want to purchase one and keep it in your car or desk for emergencies.

So the next time the pressure’s on and that salty snack calls your name … pick your poison … go ahead and eat something salty.  This is one case where salt can help, rather than hurt, your health.


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  1. Interesting! My cravings run toward salty/crunchy, too. I love the suggestions on your list. I’m a big fan of pumpkin seeds!

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