Tame the hangry monster with compassion…

Do you know that feeling when you’re so hungry you feel like the “hangry monster” has reared its ugly head?  People joke about feeling “hangry” but it usually happens every time we decide to go on a diet.

Why do we punish ourselves?

What would happen if we changed the focus of our weight loss efforts from punishing to compassionate?

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the punitive way of losing weight.  You know where we try harder and harder under highly restrictive conditions.  It’s exhausting.  No one can do it long term.  And it sure as heck sets us up to try to achieve an impossible level of perfectionism.

What if we turned things around?  What if we applied compassionate self-mothering by giving ourselves the same nurturing and love we extend to our family, pets, partners, friends?

I think “to self-mother” means we offer ourselves kindness through positive self-talk, and by honoring our real feelings.  When we self-mother, we open our hearts even more to loving encounters with others and…are you ready…food.

So many of my clients have a love/hate relationship with food.

Softening our weight loss journey by incorporating self-mothering can have tremendous benefits and open the way to long term change.

Yet some women scoff at the very idea because they see it as being selfish.

Selfishness requires a malicious component and a desire to take from another to propel yourself forward.

Self-mothering means we replenish ourselves without taking away from anyone else.

A great place to start would be eating healthy food that tastes great.  Too many women are confused about what they should eat. Their default “diet” talk keeps taking them back to powdered protein shakes, broiled, boneless, skinless chicken and steamed broccoli.

Trying to be diet-perfect while eating food that is awful usually results in just giving up.

Nurturing ourselves will always involve turning inward and becoming aware of our hunger and satiety cues along with eating the right portions of food that tastes good and is good for your body.

“If we are well-nourished both physically and emotionally our cravings will be small and infrequent, and hunger will be underwhelming and subtle.”–Shawn Stevenson

A little self-mothering can go a long way to help make our weight loss journey feel like a loving adventure rather than prison.



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