Eat this to balance your hormones

When we are trying to lose weight, so many of us feel the need to eat cold salads.

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of cold food in the winter months.

I know we are all different and live in different climates, but it is thought to be beneficial for everyone to eat warm or warming foods during the winter months.

But sometimes I miss the crunch of a salad, so I was looking for something and came about a cauliflower salad by Beth from @budgetbytes that is best served at room temperature.

I had some of the ingredients but not all so I made my own version. You can click here to download the recipe.

It is delicious and it’s even better the next day.  Better yet eating it might help balance your hormones which in turn might support your weight loss efforts.

So why might eating this salad help balance your hormones?  Because it is full of diindolylmethane or DIM for short. Over the past few years, DIM has gained popularity for its usefulness in helping balance estrogen related problems like PMS, menopause symptoms, and excess belly fat.

Good food sources of DIM are cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower.

The Healthy Methods version of this salad takes 15 minutes to make. Then you let it sit for at least 30-45 minutes to marinate. It smells so good it’s hard not to eat it right away but it’s worth waiting to let it marinate because once the flavors blend it’s even more delicious.

I made salt water brined, oven roasted pork chops to go with this salad. You know how dry pork chops can be sometimes. Well, Michelle Leotta from She’s Got Power turned me on to using a brine for at least 30 minutes. What a difference.

We don’t have to eat boring food to lose weight and help balance our hormones naturally. In fact that just encourages binge eating.

I hope this encourages you to plan your meals toward keeping your hormones (blood sugar and the rest) balanced while losing weight.

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