Dessert eating confessions

One time I was out to dinner with friends.  We were talking, laughing and have a grand time.

Once dinner was finished, the waiter came over and asked about dessert.  My husband and I were the only ones who ordered dessert (yes, I ordered my very own).

After the waiter left, one of the women said to me “I’m so surprised you’re going to eat that”.  I looked at her and asked “why”?  She said “I’m just surprised.  I mean being a coach and all.” I smiled and said “Yup I eat dessert.  Not every day but on occasion….you bet.  And I suggest my clients do the same thing.”

I know some people think you’ve got to live a life of restrictive eating if you want to maintain a weight that is healthy in relation to your height.  But you don’t.

You shouldn’t even live a life of restrictive eating when you’re trying to lose weight.

Admittedly…if I were trying to lose weight, I would not have ordered a serving of dessert for myself.  But I definitely would have had a taste or two of my husbands.

Now we don’t go out to eat every night.  As a matter of fact we probably eat restaurant food maybe 10% of the time in any given month.  So if I eat a single serving of dessert one of those 2 or 3 days a month when I eat restaurant food, I’m not going to gain weight.

But if I ate a single serving of dessert every day, you bet I’d gain weight.

You see, once you’re at your goal, it’s not the things you eat less than 10% of the time that will cause you to put weight back on.  It’s the things you eat 90% of the time.

If you desire to lose weight, which would you rather have?  The pleasure of eating some dessert once in a while without guilt.  Or….restricting yourself so you might possibly lose weight quickly?

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