Sneaky tips you’re gonna what to read…

Like vagus nerve stimulation…really it’s a thing and it’s awesome.  I taught it to Jody.  Keep reading….
As Jody and I were closing in on our time working together, she said: “I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time trying to figure things out on my own.”
It was amazing to see how much Jody accomplished once she was ready for change.
      1. We started with Jody’s biggest trigger, her way of thinking about food.  It had been sabotaged from years of dieting.  She had a punishing set of beliefs and perceptions around food.  All lingering from all her dieting experiences.  Learning to self-regulate her mind and thoughts to this day is still her biggest challenge.  But it is the most rewarding.
      2. Then she learned how to fuel her body with foods that keep her blood sugar balanced which amazingly helped her feel more content and happy.  And since nutrients like to work as a team, just like hormones, guess what happened?  Her hormone imbalance symptoms started to subside.
      3. Then we talked about stress triggers in her life. She told me she often felt like she would “loose it” with her family and boss.  We opted for something less dramatic like finding simple ways to take small stress reducing breaks that only she noticed.  When she felt like she was building up to “losing it”, I taught her to breathe a little slower and through her nose.  This is called respiratory vagus nerve stimulation.  You’d be surprised what a difference this can make on your stress response.
As she made the changes, her body started to send her completely different messages.  Like she started to sleep better.  She stopped grinding her teeth.  She was drinking less wine and slowly started to lose weight.
I know making changes can be tough.  But learning what’s causing your hormone imbalance symptoms and regulating that is the way you change your life for good.    All you need is a change mindset.
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