The blame game…

Clients have said to me that they don’t even recognize themselves as they experience hormonal changes associated with menopause.  Many say their hormones turn them into someone they don’t like.

So they go to their OB/GYN hoping there’s some medication that will “fix them.”

But menopause is often not the cause of the severity of the symptoms.

Yes, fluctuating hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, can affect how you feel, and explain why you feel differently than you did before you began skipping periods.

But the things that really put our hormones out of balance are unmanaged stress, over or under exercising, not sleeping enough, and not metabolizing our used hormones.

And then there’s what goes on in our heads, our thoughts.  We believe what we think.

For example, if you believe you are destined to gain weight because you are approaching menopause, your body will help you create that reality.

Add those thoughts you have about menopause and the symptoms you’re experiencing all together and viola….you have created an environment where your body is out of balance, you head is not in the game and your hormones are trying to get your attention.

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