Oh…the gentile rocking of a hammock…

You are so looking forward to that vacation, right?

Are you thinking: “I need this so much.”
But you’re also thinking:  “I better not feel bloated, moody and and irritable.  I want to enjoy myself.”

Don’t worry…I’ve got you covered.

Think of yourself as the choreographer of your hormones.

Have you ever watched a group of dancers?  The synchronization of their movement is amazing.

Your hormones are like those dancers.  And vacation is the perfect time to enhance their synchronization.

Imagine this…you are on vacation lying in a hammock overlooking the ocean.  You can hear the waves crash, then roll up and back.  Occasionally, you look to the sky and watch the puffy white clouds float by.  Ahhhhhh….pure bliss.

What if you could bring some of that back with you?  Well you can by simply tuning inward during your vacation (it’s not selfish).

Without getting all woowoo, here are a few things that might help:

      1. Give yourself the opportunity to feel relaxed. Then make a mental note of the feeling.
      2. When you go out to eat, fill up with protein. Eating plenty of protein will help you feel satisfied.  Tune into that sense of satisfaction.
      3. And since you are feeling satisfied and relaxed, choose to avoid foods that you know will make you feel like crap. Whatever foods that might be for you.
      4. Oh…and since it’s summertime, eat lots of fresh veggies and a little fruit.
      5. Then after you take enough time to notice what it feels like to relax, get a little active. But don’t overdo it.
      6. Drink extra water, even if it’s one cup.  And give yourself credit for drinking more water.
      7. Take care of your digestion and notice how good it feels. Pack your digestive enzymes, probiotics, and magnesium citrate. This way your digestion won’t stall allowing used hormones to reabsorb into your system causing you to feel cranky.

So find the hammock, get some water, eat plenty of protein and vegetables, and notice the feeling of pure enjoyment while on vacation.

And you know what?  I’ve got you covered for when you get back.  Click here to see what I mean.

Talk again soon,